Pro Shop

The Pro Shop is open to all curlers !!!
The Pro Shop maintains a wide range of curling equipment, apparel, supplies and accessories, including:
    • brushes (Hardline, Goldline, Ultima, Asham & BalancePlus)
    • replacements heads (including Norway, Equalizer & Warthog pads)
    • replacements heads (we now carry IcePad 2 heads & replacement covers)
    • footwear (Goldline, Ultima, Asham, BalancePlus, Acacia & Olsen)
    • ****we now Carry Acacia shoes for stick curlers with broomball soles for extra grip
    • gloves & mitts (Goldline, Asham, Balance Plus, Tournament, Ultima and Olsen)
    • pants (Goldline, Asham, BalancePlus, Ultima & Edge)
    • grippers / sliders (Goldline, Tournament, BalancePlus & Asham)
    • protective head gear
    • delivery sticks (Goldline & Tournament)
    • Sliding devices (Stabilizer, Edge & Arrow)
    • stop watches and other accessories

We would be happy to order sizes or products we don’t have in stock. Delivery is usually within 3 business days.
In addition, we provide in-house toe-coating service  and can arrange for equipment repairs by our curling supply partners.
We  also provide video delivery analysis.  This service is dependant on available ice time.

Our prices are always below MSRP with many specials.
We can usually provide higher discounts for team orders.


    • Ultima Carbon Fibre Brooms –  $115.00

    • All Ultima top-of-line leather Curling Shoes – $95.00

    • All in-stock apparel priced to clear (limited sizes and styles available)